Dress Code

  • Collered Shirts Must Be Worn

  • Must Wear Slacks, Nice Jeans, or Nice Shorts

  • No Cut Off Shorts or Holey Pants / Holey Jeans

  • Must Have A Clean Appearance

  • No Facial Piercings or Large Ear Hoops

  • Pants Must Be Worn On Waiste or Hips (Not Below)

  • Tennis Shoes Acceptable With Socks

Dress Code

  • No T-Shirts or Cut Off Shirts (No Exposed Stomachs)

  • Nice Slacks, Shorts, or Dresses Acceptable (No Cut Offs)

  • No Cut Off Shorts or Holey Pants or Holey Jeans

  • Must Have A Clean, Non-overly Provacative Appearance

  • No Facial Peircings (Earrings Only)

  • No Excessively Short Skirts or Short Shorts

  • Tennis Shoes Acceptable / No Flip Flops (Sandals Acceptable)

Conduct Code

  • No Loud Outbursts Will Be Tolerated "Please Respect Other Players"

  • Anyone Appearing To Be Under The Influence Of Drugs or Too Much Alcohol Will Be Asked To Leave

  • Open Gamling Is NOT Allowed!

  • Zero Tolerance For Fighting (Revoked Membership If Caught)

  • Loud Cursing and Vile Language Will Not Be Tolerated

  • No Smoking Inside, Designated Smoking Area Outside Only

  • Children Under Age 18 Must Be Accompanied By An Adult

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Hours Of Operation
Monday - Saturday
11:00 AM - Midnight